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EastEnders spoilers: Louise Mitchell lays into Ben!

EastEnders Louise Mitchell Ben Mitchell
(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

Louise is fuming when she realises Phil has sent Ben round to do his dirty work, Linda is touched by Mick's kind gesture, and Nita texts Robbie.

Phil is desperate to stop Louise from having Keanu’s baby. Enlisting Ben’s help, he asks him to drop by and talk to Louise about how difficult it’s been to parent Lexi. Agreeing to help out, Ben visits Louise but she soon works out that Phil has sent him. Fuming, Louise gives Ben a reality check about his words.

EastEnders Linda Carter

Linda sings for Mick

Shirley realises that Tina is expecting a party to celebrate her last shift in the café before starting work at Kathy’s new business, The Prince Albert. After Shirley makes hasty arrangements for a send off, Tina gets ready for the party with Linda. When Linda asks Tina why Mick’s been so shifty recently, Tina admits that he was trying to win some Spice Girls tickets for her. Linda is touched and sings one of Mick’s favourite songs at Tina’s party. Competition winner Terry turns up in the Vic unexpectedly. Has he got something to propose to Mick?

Robbie enjoys spending time with his son. He cooks Kush a thank you meal for letting him and Sami stay with him. When Nita texts Robbie, however, he ignores the text. What is he hiding?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday at 8.00 pm