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EastEnders spoilers: Martin Fowler discovers worrying news about Stacey

EastEnders Martin Fowler heads to the Slaters Friday 22nd November

Martin Fowler realises the Slaters are hiding something about Stacey Fowler, Max Branning makes a show of himself and Ben Mitchell changes his ways.

Kush Kazemi is hiding something from his friend Martin Fowler in Friday’s episode of EastEnders (8.30 pm, see TV Guide for full listings). When he sees Martin looking happy, it’s clear he’s full of guilt. But why? Meanwhile, Martin tries to get hold of wife Stacey Fowler and he heads to the Slater house to talk to her family. When he gets there however he is horrified to find Jean Slater and Mo Harris packing up Stacey’s things…

Max Branning is still smarting from being taken for girlfriend Ruby Allen’s dad. But he decides that he needs to prove to Ruby that he takes their relationship very seriously. Max talks to brother Jack Branning about his plan to propose to Ruby and despite being surprised, Jack encourages him to follow his heart. After asking Bobby Beale to help him out with a favour for the big proposal, Max is miffed when his nemesis Ian Beale overhears. Ian delights in winding up Max and plots to make sure everyone witnesses the proposal at the restaurant. When Max realises what Ian has been up to it’s too late to back out and he asks Ruby to marry him in front of everyone. What will she say?

Callum Highway is thrilled that Ben Mitchell has listened to his words and is taking a very new a different approach to work. Ben thanks mum Kathy Beale for making him see sense over his behaviour and Kathy is chuffed.

Also, Karen Taylor has her first day working in the club and boss Billy Mitchell is pleasantly surprised.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday at time of 8.00 pm