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EastEnders spoilers: Mel Owen has a RISKY plan to help her outlaw son Hunter!

EastEnders Mel Owen and Sharon are at the hospital

Mel Owen takes desperate measures to help her son, Whitney Dean makes an unnerving discovery and Bailey Baker visits a medium.

Mel Owen in EastEnders does her best to shake off Ben Mitchell when he approaches her demanding to know where his sister Louise Mitchell’s mum Lisa Fowler is. She slips into the basement where her on-the-run son Hunter Owen is hiding, taking desperate measures to come to his aid.

At the club, Mel anxiously searches the internet for information on antibiotics. When a pregnant Sharon Mitchell turns up she hides what she’s been doing.

Sharon is nervous about her amniocentesis appointment and, thinking quick, Mel offers to go to the hospital with her.

In the hospital Mel has a plan to help her son… Back on the Square, Mel heads back to the basement to see Hunter. Ben clocks where Mel’s going and follows her. Will he discover her secret?

EastEnders Sonia, Tiffany and Whitney plan the hen party

Sonia and Tiffany help Whitney plan her hen party

Callum Highway is unnerved when his bride-to-be Whitney Dean finds the letters from his old army mate Chris. He’s on the edge of confessing to Whitney the truth about his connection to Chris but he’s too scared.

Whitney is left feeling unsettled and when aunt Sonia Fowler and sister Tiff Butcher sit down with her to plan her hen night, she can’t concentrate. Later, Sonia manages to reassure Whitney about Callum and she tells him she doesn’t care about the past, she’s only interested in their future.

EastEnders Bailey Baker talks to medium Shyanna

Bailey talks to a medium Shyanna about her late mum Dina

Bailey Baker is determined to meet up with a medium, Shyanna, in a bid to talk to her dead mum. When her siblings Keegan Baker and Chantelle Atkins find out they try to stop her.

Bailey goes ahead with seeing Shyanna and Chantelle intervenes, but she’s spooked by the meeting. Keegan offers Bailey his support and tries to make her feel better about the future.

Also, Jean Slater’s relieved to have a listening ear in the form of fellow cancer patient Daniel Cook. Ruby Allen’s conflicted over her relationship with Max Branning.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Tuesday at 7.30 pm