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EastEnders spoilers: Bailey Baker gets some SHOCK news

Bailey struggles with the results of the inquest

Bailey Baker learns the results of the inquest...

EastEnders' cutie Bailey Baker is struggling with her emotions on the day of the inquest into her mum Dinah’s tragic death. Her dad Mitch Baker and surrogate mum Karen Taylor do their best to make her feel better but the ruling has left her shaken . In a bid to do something special for his daughter, Mitch asks his eldest Chantelle Atkins for help, pouring his heart out to her. Feeling for both Bailey and Mitch, Chantelle offers to help Mitch buy a telescope for Bailey.

Mel Owen is still going through the wringer with her son Hunter Owen in prison for murder. She gets some help from solicitor Gray Atkins and talks to someone in the prison to check on her son. But Mel is shocked when she returns home to find the police on her doorstep. She’s horrified to learn that Hunter has escaped and is now on the run…

EastEnders Tiffany opens her results

Tiffany opens her GCSE results

It’s the day of the GCSE results and things are tense in Albert Square. Tiffany Butcher is seriously worried about how she’s done, as the gang trouble she got into disrupted her studies. Kathy Beale and Jean Slater are there to support Tiff as she opens the results. Will they be what she wants?

Also, Max Branning is angry when Rainie Branning lies about what she’s up to for the day, keeping him from seeing his granddaughter Abi Branning.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Friday at 8.00 pm