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EastEnders spoilers: FURIOUS Max Branning snaps and confronts Rainie!

EastEnders Rainie and Max Branning argue

Things reach breaking point between Max Branning and Rainie Branning...

EastEnders' Max Branning is increasingly at odds with Rainie Branning over the arrangements for seeing his granddaughter Abi Branning. Rainie refuses to give any ground and Max’s frustration is at boiling point.

As the argument escalates into an explosive row, Abi’s uncle Bobby Beale intervenes. He reminds the warring pair that the little girl is the only person who is important in this situation and they need to put her needs first. Max and Rainie are suitably chastised by Bobby’s words and the awkwardly agree to come to a sensible agreement.

Mel Owen is in pieces following the news that her son Hunter Owen has escaped custody and is now on the run. She’s desperately worried for him and demands that the police find him and bring him to safety. The police give Mel a stark warning to work with them and not to try to contact Hunter on her own. Mel makes a call to get some legal advice but will she get some unexpected news?

Also, Rainie Branning tries to reassure Stuart Highway about her painkiller use. Jay Mitchell buys his ex Lola Pearce a drink in The Queen Vic.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday at 8.00 pm