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EastEnders spoilers: MORE Carter secrets are revealed

EastEnders Linda
WARNING: Embargoed for publication until 00:00:01 on 05/01/2021 - Programme Name: EastEnders - January-March 2021 - TX: 12/01/2021 - Episode: EastEnders - January-March 2021- 6202 (No. 6202) - Picture Shows: ***EMBARGOED TILL TUESDAY 5TH JANUARY 2021*** Linda Carter (KELLIE BRIGHT) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Jack Barnes (Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

EastEnders spoilers - Shirley is stunned when she discovers another family secret, Ben's concerned about Frankie, and Dotty's party takes a disastrous turn.

Mick is struggling with the truth about Katy becoming public knowledge in Tuesday's episode of EastEnders (7.30pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

As Mick realises he can't handle the thought of other people knowing what happened to him, Linda becomes adamant she is going to fix things for her husband.

But there is another shock heading to the family when Shirley discovers Linda has known about Katy's grooming for some time.

Shirley is shocked in EastEnders

Shirley is shocked to discover Linda already knew about Mick's past (Picture: BBC)

Horrified that she is the last to know, Shirley struggles to get her head around this latest blow.

However, Linda is quick to set her straight, announcing that the only thing they can do for Mick is to be there for him.

Meanwhile, Callum finds Ben and Frankie having a drink.

Ben is worried about Frankie and reminds her about the fight she got into last time - can he save her from making the same mistake again?

Max wants to speak to Linda in EastEnders

Max confronts Linda about why things ended between them (Picture: BBC)

Later, Linda is at The Vic when Max arrives and starts demanding answers from her.

He is desperate to understand why things ended so abruptly between them, confused about what changed.

But will Linda reveal what is really going on with Mick at home?

Also, Dotty's party is far from fun, and things get even worse when Mo and Jean arrive to dampen the mood.

EastEnders Dotty

Dotty's party gets underway (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Soon Peter, Tiff, Ash and Keegan head to the call centre to start their own party, leaving Iqra behind to talk through her troubles with Jean.

While Iqra opens up about her relationship with Ash, Jean deletes voicemails from her doctor, announcing that she is going to start living for the moment.

Ash is at the party in EastEnders

The evening isn't much fun, so Ash and her friends head to the call centre for their own party (Picture: BBC)

When Suki arrives at the call centre, the party soon comes grinding to a halt and everyone scarpers... everyone that is, except Peter.

EastEnders continues on Thursday 14th at 7.35pm on BBC One.