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EastEnders spoilers: Rainie Branning asks Jack out for a drink!

Rainie invites Jack for a drink with her and Max
(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Rainie invites Jack for drinks but Max has a surprise for her, Carmel makes a shock offer to a terrified Sophie, and tensions are high at The Vic.

Rainie arranges to go for a drink with Max but when she finds Jack drinking alone at home, she feels sorry for him. She invites him to go out with her and Max to take his mind off Mel. When Max turns up and sees Jack there, he’s taken aback, but Rainie encourages Max to give his brother some support.

Stacey tells Max Rainie is good for him

After she leaves the brothers to give them a chance to chat, Jack opens up. When the subject of Rainie comes up, however, Max makes a huge admission and reveals that the marriage is a sham. When Rainie returns she is horrified to find out what Max has told Jack, as she thought he loved her! Things kick off and Stacey takes Max aside, giving him food for thought about his feelings for Rainie. Does he feel something for her after all?

Kush is shocked when Sophie turns up at the house asking to see Carmel. She reveals that a local gang have been harassing her, accusing her of being a grass. The gang turn up in the Square and Kush and Martin chase them off. Carmel is worried that they may have put themselves in danger. Concerned about Sophie’s safety, she encourages her to stay with them. What will Kush say?

Also, everyone at The Vic on the night of the incident protest their innocence but will anyone be collared for the crime? Meanwhile, Keanu does his flirty best to get Sharon’s attention.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Friday.