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EastEnders spoilers: Sharon Mitchell and Keanu Taylor are about to get found out!

EastEnders Sharon Mitchell in bed with Keanu Taylor
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Sharon sees Keanu fixing Dennis’s bike and, unable to resist her feelings, she invites him for lunch. Keanu is taken aback, as she had previously made it quite clear that they can’t be involved with each other.

Later, when Jean innocently remarks to Sharon that Keanu and Louise would make a cute couple, she snaps at her. After a run in with Louise, Sharon tries to talk to Keanu, who does his best to ignore her flirting. When Keanu demands to know why she is playing games, he’s not prepared for the answer. Sharon admits she’s in love with him! Unable to be apart any longer, Sharon and Keanu end up in bed.

EastEnders Ray Kelly comforts Louise Mitchell

Ray Kelly tries to comfort an upset Louise Mitchell.

Meanwhile, Ray finds an upset Louise and tries to comfort her. After Ray advises her to talk things through with Keegan she invites Keegan back to hers, thinking she’ll have the house to herself… Not knowing that Sharon and Keanu are in the bedroom together, Louise brings Keegan into the house and they have a heart-to-heart which soon leads to passion. But things are about to explode - when Phil walks in!

Linda has been staying over with Stuart after Shirley chucked her out of The Vic. But she’s not going to take it lying down and she storms into the pub, determined to get her home back. Linda calls the police, who tell Shirley that she can’t throw out Linda. But the situation soon gets out of hand…

EastEnders Ian Beale turns up for choir practice

Ian Beale gets all dressed up for choir practice hoping that Mel Owen will turn up.

Also, Kim plays a prank on Ian and gets him to attend the choir rehearsals by lying that Mel is going to be there. Meanwhile, Ruby remembers another detail from the night of her attack.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Friday