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EastEnders spoilers: Stuart Highway plans a surprise for Rainie's return!

Eastenders - Stuart Highway played by Ricky Champ
(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Stuart Highway is looking forward to Rainie Branning return from prison, Rainie Branning makes a big apology to her victim Kathy Beale.

Stuart Highway is looking forward to the return of girlfriend Rainie Branning in Friday’s episode of EastEnders (opens in new tab) (7.30 pm, see our TV Guide (opens in new tab) for full listings).

Expecting Rainie Branning’s imminent return from her prison sentence for attacking Kathy Beale, Stuart Highway plans a welcome home party for his other half. Stuart is on a high as he’s also been given a trial at the funeral parlour from boss Jay Mitchell. But when his brother Callum Highway finds out he’ll be working alongside him he is less than happy. After Stuart starts work it’s not long before Jay starts to regret his offer. Always one for a madcap plan, Stuart tries to convince Jay to run a Christmas promotion in the funeral parlour to drum up more business.

Meanwhile, Rainie is back on the Square after her stay in prison where she was hoping to get clean of her painkiller addiction. Feeling bad for how she treated Kathy she heads straight off to find her and apologise for her horrifying behaviour. Will Kathy agree to forgive and forget or is it too late to repair things between them? Later, a delighted Stuart is finally reunited with Rainie and he’s overwhelmed by a special present that she has got him.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Monday at time of 8.00 pm

Rachel Lucas
Rachel Lucas

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