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EastEnders spoilers: Tina Carter and Mick Carter plot to leave the Square!

Tina is distraught in EastEnders

Tina Carter gets a surprising offer from Mick Carter when she gets ready to flee the Albert Square following the accusation that she attacked Ian Beale

Tina Carter and Mick Carter are all set to do a runner from Walford in a special Saturday Boxing Day episode of EastEnders (8.45 pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Tina Carter is chilled when Gray Atkins reveals that the witness who saw her following Ian Beale into the Queen Vic pub on the night of Ian’s attack has checked out.

Infuriated at the injustice of being accused of the assault, she wants to go to the police station to clear her name. 

Gray, however, advises Tina not to go to the station as it could cause her more trouble.

Tina’s sister Shirley Carter is gravely concerned that she’ll go down for the attack and she insists that she does a runner from the Square as soon as she can. 

EastEnders Mick Carter

Mick Carter promises Tina Carter he won't abandon her! (Image credit: BBC / Dan Golsmith)

When Tina’s nephew Mick Carter finds out that she’s seriously considering leaving, unwilling to let her be on her own, he says he’ll go with her. 

Would Mick really leave estranged wife Linda Carter and his young son Ollie Carter? Although things have been bad between him and Linda ever since his abuser Kate Lewis’ reappearance in his life, he’s never abandoned Linda before. 

Knowing how vulnerable Tina is, his concern for her is genuine and he vows that he won’t let her leave alone.

Is it the end for Mick and Tina in the Square?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Bank Holiday Monday at 8.35 pm.