EastEnders spoilers: Tina Carter has a shock revelation about Stuart Highway!

Tina Carter looking unhappy
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Tina Carter confronts Stuart Highway over her past, Rainie Branning meets her dealer and Hayley Slater cons her family over the taxi.

Tina Carter starts to remember the terrifying incident she went through when she was young. Rattled, she turns to Sonia for help. Sonia is shocked and advises her to report it to the police. But Tina is still struggling to remember the things she’s blocked out. Tina meets Stuart in the club to confront him.

A manipulative Stuart insists it was nothing to do with him, but she's sure, and she gives him a warning. Trying to get Tina to calm down, Stuart talks Tina round and convinces her that it wasn’t him. Tina breaks down and apologises, but is Stuart lying?

Donna has a go at Max over how he’s treated Cora, but Max has no time for Donna’s anger and is scathing about Cora. Donna decides to ask a chuffed Robbie to move in with her and he happily accepts.

Rainie with Jez

Meanwhile, Rainie sees her dealer hanging around the Square and she tells him she wants nothing more to do with him. But will Donna witness the exchange?

Hayley’s desperate to get the cab up and running again but Jean has firm hold of the keys. With no other options, Hayley asks Keanu to help her break into it. The mechanic reluctantly agrees to help Hayley get into the vehicle, but they are caught trying to force the door by the Slaters. When Jean reveals that Hayley has been using the cab illegally, Kat demands to know if Hayley’s continued to drive it. Mo gives Hayley a cover story and later tells Hayley to continue to take the cab out… But what does she want in return?

Kandice and Keanu

The Taylors have a surprise visit from Kandice

Also, Karen's sister Kandice turns up in the Square much to the Taylors surprise! She asks for Karen’s help over getting out of a charity event. Will Karen agree to help her sister?

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