EastEnders spoilers: Will Ben Mitchell confess his crime?

Ben Mitchell in EastEnders
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Ben Mitchell struggles to keep secrets from Callum Highway, Ruby Allen agrees to a dodgy deal and Mick Carter has a job offer

Ben Mitchell has some explained to do to Callum Highway in Thursday’s episode of EastEnders (7.30 pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Ben Mitchell is upset that Callum Highway is so distracted following the appointment for his cochlear implant. Knowing that something is up with his other half he confronts him but Callum insists he’s got a lot on his mind at work.

Testing out Ben to see if he’ll confessed to being involved in the warehouse job, he mentions that they’re looking into Danny Hardcastle. When Ben brushes it off, Callum storms off, and Ben’s hope that they’ll move in together starts to fade.

Later, Ben realises what’s really been on Callum’s mind, as Callum demands that Ben tell him the truth.

Ruby Allen is having big money troubles after the fraud and she tells Vinny Panesar that she’s in on his plan to rob the club and claim on the insurance. Ruby reveals that she’ll stay away from the premises and the safe will be full.

Feeling uncomfortable with the plan, however, Ruby calls Vinny to try and stop him. It’s too late - he’s already raided the safe. Martin Fowler spots a figure running away from the club and gives chase, not realising it’s Vinny. When Vinny is trapped in the Minute Mart it seems that things are not going to end well…

Mick Carter is chuffed when aunt Tina Carter offers him a permanent job in The Albert.

But just as Tina gives Mick a tour of the bar, she encounters Kathy Beale doing the same with Frankie Lewis! Doing the chivalrous thing, Mick tells Tina that he’s letting Frankie have the job. Tina is not happy!

Also, Chantelle Atkins sets her plan in motion to flee the Square with the kids after her husband Gray Atkins leaves for work.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Friday 8.30 pm.

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