Stacey Fowler and her baby are in deadly danger!

EastEnders - Stacey Fowler Martin Fowler Lacey Turner
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Martin Fowler is at Stacey’s bedside after she’s taken into hospital with a dangerous condition that puts her life and the life of her baby in danger.

Stacey is struck down by a condition that may put her and the baby and danger. When she’s rushed into hospital, husband Martin anxiously waits, as they are told Stacey needs an emergency c-section. After the baby is delivered, Martin is overwhelmed to learn he has a daughter. But Stacey is still in a critical condition - and there are complications with the baby...

Jane is annoyed to find out what happened between Ian and Bobby. Her concerns are soon pushed aside for bigger troubles, however, when she waits to speak to the police and Max turns up to talk to her. Although Jane tries to get the better of Max, he throws a sinister threat her way. Later, Jane tells the police all about Steven and passes the news onto Ian, but she keeps Max’s name out of the conversation. Jane tells Ian that she wants out of the Square and doesn’t want to return.

Keanu gets ready to see the escort agency about a job, but his family think he’s going on a date. On his way to the interview, he has a flirtatious encounter with Ingrid, who is impressed when he talks to Janet about road safety. At the agency, Keanu is torn over whether to join them or not but knowing how much the family need the cash, he signs up. Will he tell the family what he’s doing?

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