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Eat, Shop, Save - The Bassett family

Good Morning Britain presenter Ranvir Singh resumes her quest to help families eat better, shop smarter and get fitter, as ITV's Eat, Shop, Save returns

There are at least two jaw-dropping moments in the first outing of the eat better, shop smarter show when the Bassett family from County Durham learn how many awful ingredients go into their diet of takeaways and processed food – and how much it’s costing.

Eat, Shop, Save - The Bassetts usual diet

On the table on the right is the food that Fiona and Dan were consuming before Dale came in and changed their diet on an average day... on the left, the healthy food Dale recommends they buy

Enter Ranvir Singh and her team – nutritionist Dale Pinnock, savvy shopper Kate Hardcastle and personal trainer Tom Pitfield.

'People don’t realise how much they waste.' says Ranvir, 40. 'Most people we meet have food in their freezers and cupboards that they don’t get around to eating. But when they’re in the supermarket, they buy more of the same things. So they can have up to £100 worth of food sitting in their home that goes out of date and ends up being thrown away.

'I’ve discovered that frozen food can be healthy,' she adds. 'I’ve just started buying frozen spinach. It doesn’t go soggy and you don’t end up throwing it away.

'And you can exercise any time, anywhere! My favourite is to lean against the wall and squat while brushing my teeth. When I was reporting from outside Downing Street the other day, I was doing lunges between broadcasts – Tom says if you’ve got a minute, do lunges!'

Can the Bassetts change their ways in eight weeks?

TV Times rating: ****

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