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Ed Sheeran visits Summer Bay!

A boy Marilyn used to be a nanny for in London turns out to be Ed Sheeran! So Matt asks Ed if he will put on a performance for his family who have had a tough time lately.

Zac packs his bags and scolds Charlotte for trying to kiss him. Later, Leah arrives at the flat and Charlotte says she tried it on with Zac but he pulled away. Leah tracks him down and the pair admit they want to be together. Ed plays a romantic song in the Diner and it pushes Leah to kiss Zac.

Meanwhile, Evelyn decides it's time to apologise to Josh and wishes him the best with his HSC course.

Leah and Zac have a family BBQ to celebrate their reunion, but when Zac tells Hunter that he and Leah are back together, he loses his temper. Charlotte leaves Hunter a voice message about the house fire and that she won't cover for him again, but Andy overhears the conversation…