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Head of statue of Amenhotep III
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In Egypt's Valley of the Kings, archaeologists have discovered a once-in-a-generation burial site full of ancient wonders and mysteries

Just when it seemed as if the golden age of exploration was over in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings, archaeologists have discovered the first tomb to contain a body since Tutankhamun in 1922.

More surprisingly, the tomb next door contains not just one body but what appears at first glance to be mummified remains of around 30 people. On further examination the number went even higher.

Reconstructed face of one of the mummies

The reconstructed face of head No. 0080

Who were all these mummies, why were they all buried together and is there any connection to the legendary pharaoh Amenhotep III?

This one-off documentary is part of a Nat Geo day on a "tomb and treasure" theme. So as well as more obviously Egypt-themed programmes like The Last Pharaoh, The Golden Pharaoh and The Egypt Job, there are Lost Treasures of the Maya, Head of John the Baptist and Lost Gold of the Dark Ages. Plenty to sink the televisual teeth into.

Fans of all things Egyptological and archaeological can also scratch that itch over on C4, with repeats of Secrets of Egypt’s Valley of the Kings (7pm) and Egypt’s Great Pyramid: Uncovered (8pm).

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