Will Holby City's Essie Harrison lose teen Parker Whitfield?

holby essie parker

The nurse's life is thrown in turmoil when a familiar face returns…

Essie Harrison has always done her best to juggle her job as transplant coordinator at Holby with being foster mum to teen Parker Whitfield. But, this week, it looks like both those things could be in jeopardy.

Essie waits in anticipation for Parker’s birth mother, Kim, to arrive at the hospital. Essie began fostering Parker when Kim was jailed for deception. But Kim's now been released and is spending the day with Parker so they can reunite.

Essie's keen for mother and son to bond but then Kim reveals she's moving to Gibraltar to be with her parents. Essie can't believe Kim's going to pass up the opportunity to rebuild her relationship with Parker – that’s when Kim drops the bombshell that she intends to take him to Gibraltar with her!

Struggling with the idea that she could lose Parker altogether, Essie throws herself into her work. Unfortunately, she's soon dealt another blow when she learns that her role as transplant coordinator has been dissolved amid budget cuts, leaving her future at Holby uncertain.

Later, Parker's admitted with stomach pains but Kim realises he's faking his symptoms so he can stay with Essie at Holby. Essie Harrison admits to boyfriend Raf that she's not ready to let Parker go – but is it time to say goodbye?

Meanwhile, Fletch was thrilled when he recently got promoted to Holby's director of nursing but, this week, the harsh realities of his new job come into focus when he's tasked with having to break bad news to a friend and colleague.

And Donna's having the day from hell but things start looking up when she meets a handsome stranger – but is he all he seems?

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