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Elly is bitten by a snake!

Elly Conway in Neighbours

Elly tries to protect Nell, but is bitten herself

Steph and Charlie see Elly break her expensive shoe on equipment lying around a construction site. She thinks the construction site is for the bike path but Steph makes it clear Elly was at fault, and Sonya says the site doesn’t belong to the council. As Steph and Elly argue, Elly spots Nell riding her trike, right into the path of an approaching snake. She snatches up Nell, but is bitten herself.

When Ben tells Alison he’s penned a romantic ballad for Xanthe, she manipulates him into asking her to deliver the lyrics to Xanthe. And when she does, she claims Ben wrote them for her. Xanthe is hurt, so when Ben comes to spill his heart, she cruelly laughs at the lyrics he wrote for Alison - forcing him into Alison’s arms.

When Amy texts Ben and gets no reply, she soon realises he gave her a fake number. Aaron finally queries what happened. And we see, in flashback, Amy make her apologies and leave, before Greg turns to a hidden camera and apologises for not getting what his boss wants.