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Emma Willis: Delivering Babies - W

Candice, baby Franco and Emma
(Image credit: Derek Hanlon)

Emma Willis: Delivering Babies sees the presenter return to the wards to complete her training to qualify as a maternity care assistant

Emma Willis ditches her presenting job again to return to her training as a maternity care assistant in this uplifting series. The first series saw her cleaning beds, mopping floors and taking blood.

This time, Emma is allowed more independence, working across high-risk wards and in theatre as she supports midwives at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Essex.

This week’s episode follows Vicky, who’s expecting twins and undergoes an emergency C-section, while Paige has been induced after her baby’s movements have slowed.

Maternity team Katie, Naghmeh, Tilly, Emma, Val and Zoe

On call: Katie, Naghmeh, Tilly, Emma, Val and Zoe

Elsewhere, Josie needs Emma’s assistance during her water birth.

"The first series was so emotional for me," Emma told TV Times. "I wondered whether that’d wear off the more times I’d see a birth, but it doesn’t.

"It was still overwhelming because witnessing a baby come into the world is incredible."

Emma was also aware of the fact that she's a TV face and what people might think of that: "They were more surprised to see me doing the job rather than me pretending for telly.

“A few women saw me mopping and said, ‘Oh, you are actually doing it!’ I also found a big bowl of vomit in one woman’s room, and when I told her to give it to me, she was like, ‘Er, really?’ ”

TV Times rating: ****