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Emmerdale spoilers! Brenda's business is on the line when Dan has an allergic reaction in the cafe!

Brenda is blamed for Dan's allergic reaction to vegan cake in Emmerdale

A medical drama in in the cafe sees owner Brenda Walker come under fire from the concerned villagers

Emmerdale's cafe, owned by Brenda Walker is under scrutiny in the second of Thursday's episodes on ITV from 8pm (see our TV Guide for full listings).

It's not looking good for business owner Brenda (Lesley Dunlop) whose cafe is under threat.

Her customers aren't too impressed when Dr Liam Cunningham (Jonny McPherson) has to attend to Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) who has had an allergic reaction on the premises!

With Kim Tate's (Claire King) HOP planning to open an eaterie, is the writing on the wall for the village caff?

Elsewhere, having been told by his cash-strapped dad Sam (James Hooton) that he can't go on a school trip Samson finds a way to fund his trip. But how?