Emmerdale spoilers! Chin, chin - Cain Dingle shares a beer with Nate unaware he's sleeping with his wife!

Cain and Nate get on well in Emmerdale
(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

At Butler's, Moira cringes in the kitchen as her cuckolded husband Cain Dingle starts warming to Nate

This scene - Cain Dingle with Nate Robinson is as awks as it gets, isn't it?!

Emmerdale love cheat Moira (Natalie J Robb) can barely believe her eyes when her husband Cain (Jeff Hordley) starts getting chummy with her lover Nate (Jurell Carter)!

Moira is alarmed to see Nate and Cain get on well in Emmerdale

Love-cheat Moira Dingle is like a rabbit in the headlights when she notices her husband Cain Dingle is warming to her secret lover Nate Robinson (Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

Of course the bad boy Dingle has no idea the cocky young farmhand is tupping his wife – and this ill-advised friendship is only going to make it sting even more when Cain finds out about the affair! Can squirming Moira intervene and get the men at loggerheads again?

Moira is alarmed to see Nate and Cain get on well in Emmerdale

Cheers mate! Cain Dingle has a beer with Nate Robinson who's secretly sleeping with Cain's wife Moira (Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

Bad luck seems to be following the Sharmas who are shocked when one of Manpreet's (Rebecca Sarker) patients, Derek (Tommy Cannon) falls ill and later dies!

Derek falls ill in Emmerdale

At David's shop, Derek's with his doc, Manpreet Sharma, when he complains of feeling really poorly

The cause of Derek's death looks to be salmonella poisoning which could stem from Rishi's (Bhasker Patel) recent run of sample chocs which queasy David (Matthew Wolfenden) has been handing out willy-nilly at his shop!

Derek falls ill in Emmerdale

Rishi Sharma panics when queasy David Metcalfe reports Derek has died and suggests Rishi's chocs might have been the root of the problem
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