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Emmerdale spoilers! Hero mum Laurel Thomas to the rescue!

Laurel rescues Dottie from a burning tent in Emmerdale

At Rishi's camping-birthday-party-gone-wrong, Laurel Thomas rushes to save her daughter Dotty

Emmerdale's Laurel Thomas leaps into action in Monday's episode on ITV from 7pm (see our TV Guide for full listings).

Picking up from last week, when the Sharmas gathered for Rishi's (Bhasker Patel) birthday, a campfire is out of control!

Things turn dangerous for Arthur and Archie in Emmerdale

Archie and Arthur lit a campfire which then raged out of control

Laurel cuts Dottie out of a burning tent in Emmerdale

Birthday boy Rishi and Laurel are horrified at the sight of the towering flames

Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) is horrified when she sees what's going on. Close to the fire is a tent where her toddler daughter Dotty is napping – and the tent is filling with smoke!

Racing outside, Laurel tears into the tent and grabs Dotty. Thankfully her child is OK.

Racked with guilt, firestarters Arthur and Archie, Laurel and Jai's squabbling sons who loathe each other, are responsible. But when Jai (Chris Bisson) questions the boys about what happened, will they tell him the truth?

Opening up to Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker), Laurel confesses she's not sure how much more she can take of her troubled son's behaviour. Given what has gone before with Arthur harming Archie, the worried mum decides to take drastic action and report her lad's behaviour to the police…

Elsewhere, Harriet (Katherine Dow Blyton) is fuming to have found out the truth about Malone's dealings with Will (Dean Andrews), Cain (Jeff Hordley) and Billy (Jay Kontzle). Though dodgy DI Malone insists he's done with the trio, Harriet wants to call his superiors and expose him.

After the vicar is done with Malone, she turns her rage to hospitalised partner Will and lets him know EXACTLY what she thinks about him having bought danger, crime and lies to her door…

Harriet has some harsh words for Will in Emmerdale

Will has been beaten up and is in hospital where things get worse when his furious partner Harriet visits his bedside

Knowing her husband is having an affair with Belle Dingle (Eden Draper Taylor), Andrea Tate (Anna Nightingale) is trying to carry on as normal while she formulates a plan. But will she get the opportunity to show hubby Jamie (Alex Lincoln) what he's missing on a family holiday?