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Emmerdale spoilers: Dawn ATTACKED by her dodgy dad Will!

Will and Dawn
(Image credit: ITV)

Dawn (Olivia Bromley) is still reeling from her recent discovery. When she happened upon a box of "orders of service" about Harriet's (Katherine Dow Blyton) life, she knew her dodgy dad Will (Dean Andrews) was behind the nasty idea, which basically suggests the vicar's funeral is looming.

Worried about what he has in mind for the next stage in his bitter campaign against Harriet – who in her former life as a cop had the druglord sent down – Dawn's on his tail.

Dawn confronts Will about his deadly plan...

Dawn confronts her dad about his deadly plan... (Image credit: ITV)

Following him to Woodbine Cottage, Dawn confronts him about his intentions for the vicar who's been so good to her lately and atoned for their bad blood. Will's not happy about his daughter's intervention.

Already suspicious of the bond Dawn's formed with Harriet, when she's supposed to be firmly on his side, Will gets angry and the row between father and daughter turns physical. As a tussle breaks out, Dawn falls and hits her head on a table!

Will looks down at Dawn in Emmerdale, who's lying injured on the floor

After clashing Will, Dawn falls and thumps her head on the table - will she be ok? (Image credit: ITV)

When Harriet returns home she's horrified to see Dawn's been injured. Locking Dawn inside the cottage, Harriet heads off to the church to confront Will…

This is the first of tonight's episodes of Emmerdale.