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Ethan and Cal are at war!

(Image credit: BBC/Simon Ridgway)

The atmosphere between Ethan and Cal is Arctic following last week’s revelations! Ethan is understandably furious with his brother Cal for not telling him he’d tracked down their birth mother, Emilie, until he was forced to when Emilie was admitted to the ED last week.

Brotherly love is in short supply with Ethan so angry he can barely talk to Cal. So tensions run even higher when they have to work together on a patient who’s been attacked by her controlling ex. Ethan’s fury, however, eventually erupts and a tussle in the staffroom turns into a full-blown punch-up in the ED! Charlie steps in and stops Zoe from going ahead with disciplinary action.

Also this week, Connie and Jacob’s Valentine’s Day plans hit the skids when she gets an unexpected call from her daughter, Grace. It turns out Grace is not in New York, but is actually visiting Holby with her father Sam Strachan (Tom Chambers) – Connie’s ex! Grace is frantic because Tom’s new American girlfriend is seriously ill and doubled up in their hotel room.

Elsewhere, Robyn interferes in Lofty’s working life, Big Mac is unsettled by an article in the local paper hailing him a hero, and Max goes on a date with someone who looks uncannily like his estranged wife Zoe!

Later, Zoe and Max, end up in a passionate clinch. Grace reveals she’s impressed with Connie after she performs a life-saving operation on Emma. And Ethan remains unable to forgive Cal, declaring they’re no longer brothers…