Expedition with Steve Backshall - Dave

Steve Backshall with a piranha
(Image credit: Graham MacFarlane)

In Expedition with Steve Backshall, the adventurer sets off into territory that's never been tacked before

‘I want to succeed, where so many have turned back, and lead an expedition into this lost world,’ says explorer Steve Backshall about his latest adventure into the largest rainforest on the planet.

The Guiana Shield in South America is largely unexplored, due to its remoteness and inaccessibility.

Steve and his small team plan to go where no man has gone before and discover what wildlife calls this beautiful but dangerous place home.

Steve Backshall abseiling

Hanging tough with Steve Backshall

As Steve paddleboards down an unnamed creek, he leaps in to have a closer look at a caiman, spots spider monkeys swinging above, catches a stingray to explain just how dangerous they can be, and has a wash in piranha-infested water.

A truly wild and wonderful adventure.

TV Times rating: ****