As the drama Fearless continues... How much more can stressed-out lawyer Emma take?
(Image credit: Gareth Gatrell 2016)

As the drama Fearless continues, how much more can stressed-out lawyer Emma take?

With the amount of pressure Emma's under, she can surely be forgiven for shedding a few tears of sadness and sheer frustration this week!

Following the raid, questions are raised about Miriam's SIM card, but will Emma play ball, what impact will there be on her adoption dreams and what's really behind her tetchy relationship with her mum?

Meanwhile, as Kevin's retrial approaches, Emma's application for an exhumation causes more problems and information from nervous Siobhan Murphy (Emmerdale's Sammy Winward), could affect the case.

However, as Emma works on her theory about an American connection, DCS Greenwood's interest is piqued, but sneaky Heather is still pulling strings…