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Frank Butcher is mourned
Frank Butcher is mourned (Image credit: BBC)

Pat and Peggy are sad to learn from Ricky and Diane that Frank has died after an illness. Pat sets about arranging the funeral to give Frank his last wish of a proper East End send-off. Pat and Peggy reminisce about their marriages to Frank and their fights over him, but both agree that despite his faults, he was a real diamond. Peggy is shocked when they arrive at the crematorium and Pat has turned up in a scarlet outfit. Phil points out not to let Frank have the last laugh by being at loggerheads with Pat. Peggy sits next to Pat in the crematorium and slips her hand into Pat's as the coffin slips away through the curtain. Pat hears Frank's voice saying 'Take care of yourself, babe...' Janine is back in the Square for the funeral and gets a muted reception from the locals. Pat accuses Janine of only coming back for the funeral to see what she's got in the will. Janine is upset by Pat's accusations and insists that she is here to mourn her father. Also, Ricky introduces his fiancee Melinda to the locals, while across town Bianca is being evicted from her house with her four children... VIDEO: Catch up with the latest EastEnders action

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