Fran's efforts to get Jac's attention end in tragedy

There's not much festive cheer in the corridors of Holby as troubled nurse Fran goes to terrifying lengths to get Jac's attention. When Jac won't listen to her, Fran tries to gain access to Jac as a patient and swipes some drugs from the ward. Jac's still not interesting in hearing what Fran has to say – but she's forced to listen when Fran snatches Emma from the hospital crèche and takes her onto the roof. Now with Jac's full attention, Fran finally reveals the secret of her grudge...

Fran reveals that, as children, they shared a care home together, where Fran suffered abuse. She's always blamed Jac for not stepping in to stop it, even though she was only a child herself. Jac remembers the nightmare they lived through and softens towards Fran but, just when the crisis seems to have passed, Fran falls from the roof. Can Jac save Fran’s life?

Meanwhile, Sacha finds himself having to treat the man who bullied him at school. It's a difficult case and Sacha suffers a crisis of confidence, as he slips back into the role of victim. Help is at hand, though, as an unlikely ally helps Sacha realise his worth and encourages him to step forward for the consultant position.

Also, Morven wrestles with her feelings for Arthur, while Ollie and Zosia share a Christmas kiss!


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