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Goodbye, Mo!

Holby Mo leaving

As the surgeon leaves Holby, will it be with or without Mr T?

Surgeon Mo Effanga recently ended her relationship with obstetrician Mr T, after he suspected she'd injured their baby son, Hector. They're now sharing childcare, but the arrangement could get tricky as it's revealed, this week, that Mo's got a job as a senior consultant in London and she's leaving Holby!

Mo's last case involves Paul Owen, one of her first ever patients at Holby, who's in desperate need of a heart transplant but says he wants to die. Mo's own heart melts when Mr T persuades Paul to have the life-saving op.

Later, as her colleagues throw her a leaving party at Albie's, Mo makes a shock decision about her future. As Mo gets in her car to leave Holby for London, will Mr T decide to join her?

Meanwhile, as Jasmine and Jac’s relationship continues to thaw, Jasmine grows suspicious of Fran’s attempts to befriend her sister. Is Fran up to something?

Also, Ric’s forced to face up to his shortcomings when his granddaughter, Darla, is admitted. As Ric tries to fix his fractured relationship with his son, is it too little too late?