Guy Self in danger op in Holby!

Holby Guy struggles to operate

Is the mentally unstable surgeon putting patients at risk?

Dr Zosia March recently turned down a dream work placement in America to stay at Holby to be close to her neurosurgeon father Guy Self, after he admitted he'd been ordered to see a therapist to make sure he's fit for work. And, this week, Guy's behaviour sparks fresh concern for the medic.

Zosia's amused when she finds Guy in his office with the music at full volume, trying to choose the perfect song to play as he performs complex brain surgery on patient, Marco, later that afternoon.

In theatre, Zosia's thrilled to see her dad being the first-class surgeon she knows he can be. So she's confused when fiancé Oliver Valentine then confides in her that Guy panicked during an op a few weeks ago.

Later, when Guy goes AWOL just as Marco deteriorates, Zosia's forced to save the day. When she's then presented with evidence to suggest Guy was feeling far from his best when he operated on Marco, will Zosia need to act fast to make sure her dad doesn't end up killing someone?

Nina appoints a new registrar on Keller – it's none other than Hanssen's estranged son Fredrik. Fredrik's ambition and determination soon earn the praise of Sacha, Lofty and Dominic. But does Fredrik have an ulterior motive for coming to Holby? And how will Hanssen take to him being there?

Also, Donna is exasperated with Fletch implementing his newfound power as Director of Nursing. So she makes it her mission to teach him a lesson.

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