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Has Steph kidnapped Jimmy?

All evidence points to Steph having snatched Jimmi but when she angrily defends herself she's ultimately exonerated. But it's all too clear that the community still distrusts her. Steph is ready to give up, but a surprising vote of trust from a new friend gives her the hope she needs to fight...

Amy tells Liam that she's cutting him out of Jimmy's life but Paul's thrown when Amy admits she's unsure if she's made the right decision. Paul isn't taking any chances. Going behind Amy's back, he makes Liam an offer he can't refuse – anything to protect his family.

Piper is feeling more distant from her family with every passing day. It seems that everyone's too wrapped in their own problems to pay attention, and Piper wonders why she bothered coming home. A family dinner – and a tentative thaw between Terese and Brad – only deepens Piper's sense of isolation. She lashes out, angry and hurt.