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Has Vanessa got breast cancer?

*Hour-long episode*

Life’s on the up for Vanessa, who’s got a business proposal on the boil with Paddy, and a good thing going with toyboy Kirin. But as the age-gap couple are kissing, Kirin pulls back, claiming to have felt a lump in the vet’s breast! Vanessa tries to keep calm as she books a doctor’s appointment, and is pleased when Kirin says he’ll stand by her. But has the teen got the maturity to cope with a health scare?

Bob’s not surprised when Carly asks for a loan, claiming she’s broke. When the cafe owner turns his daughter down, she soon comes up with another idea on how to create some cash and starts selling tat out of her van in the village!

The Dingles are excited as Belle’s due home from hospital. But Lisa’s not impressed when she hears Rachel warning Sam to keep Belle away from Archie.