Hercules risks his life for Medusa

(Image credit: BBC/Urban Myth Films/Nick Briggs)

Crios tells Hercules that he has news about Medusa: she is living in a cave on a distant shore. He also tells him he has heard stories of a monster with serpents for hair who can turn people to stone, just by looking at them. Pythagoras informs Jason he has been unable to find a cure for Medusa, and the two friends visit inventor Daedalus (Robert Lindsay, above) for help. He tells Pythagoras that the price of Medusa's cure is Hercules' life.

Hercules blames himself for what has happened to Medusa, and sets out to find the cave, with Jason and Pythagoras in hot pursuit, even though they must pass through a forest populated by a band of Scythians who like to hunt humans for sport.

Sure enough, all three friends are captured by the Scythians who tell them to run for their lives. Jason is wounded in the battle, but their lives are saved by a mystery female archer, Atalanta, who kills all the Scythians and tells Jason their paths are destined to cross again. H ercules overhears Pythagoras revealing that he must sacrifice his life in order to save Medusa, and hotfoots it to the cave, venturing in alone.

Pythagoras and Jason rush in and bundle Hercules to the ground, to stop Medusa from looking at him. Hercules promises a tearful Medusa he will return with another cure, and she takes some hope from his pledge.


Richard McClure

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