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Heston is in trouble!

(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Heston is in a spot of bother...

Heston has been spying on drug dealer Rick, by waiting outside his place and taking photographs of everyone who enters and leaves. He phones Rob to tell him abut his findings but Rob isn’t interested and tells Heston to back off and stick to the medical profession! Determined to put Rick and his associates in prison, Heston breaks into Rick’s place - but will he be able to leave in one piece?

Meanwhile, Ben and Will try to get their relationship back on track, but things don’t seem to be going in the right direction. Firstly, Ben refuses to open up about his parents. Next, Ben refuses to show Will affection in public. It’s clear that Ben isn't proud of who he is - but can Will be with someone who is not open about their sexuality?