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It's Heston and Ruhma's big day!

(Image credit: BBC)

Will things go to plan for Heston and Ruhma?

Ruhma is getting ready for the wedding photo shoot, when Shak annoys her by asking if he can bring his girlfriend along. In frustration, Ruhma puts her wedding dress on and it rips along the seam. Ruhma and Shak finally arrive at the hotel, but Ruhma has lost all confidence due to the earlier incident with her dress, but Shak assures his mum that she looks wonderful. The picture taking gets underway, but it doesn't take long before Ruhma and Heston get into an argument. Paulo, the photographer urges them to calm down, but will they be in the mood to party?

Emma has new house guest called Lauren. At first, Lauren seems like the perfect guest until Emma discovers that Lauren has completely re-arranged the bedroom! Emma is furious, however, she soon relents when she realises that Lauren has turned up to meet her partner - a married man who keeps stringing her along. So Emma decides to cheer Lauren up!