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Hitch - Sony Movie Channel

Will Smith and Eva Mendes share a toast
(Image credit: Barry Wetcher)

Will Smith is at his charming best in a sparkling romcom. 4/5 stars

As Alex 'Hitch' Hitchens, Smith is a date doctor, an expert for hire - for a fat fee - to the awkward, shy and lovestruck men of New York.

Always smiling, supremely confident and never lost for words, he teaches the likes of bashful accountant Kevin James the ideal way to steal a woman's heart, landing him the seemingly out of reach heiress Allegra (Amber Valletta).

But when Hitch falls for cynical gossip columnist Eva Mendes, she proves to be a major challenge even for him…

It's a tough act to get right, but in this sparkling, crowd-pleasing romcom Smith manages to be both smarmy and charming and Mendes is the ideal foil. A smooth operator at the top of his game, his first meeting with Mendes sparkles with wit and the way in which their relationship develops is full of surprises.

Slick, sweet – and very funny Sunday evening fare.