Holby City spoilers: Could Ric Griffin's fall prove deadly?

Hugh Quarshie plays Ric Griffin in Holby City
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Knocked out following an argument involving Darla's 'baby daddy', will respected Holby City consultant Ric Griffin survive his latest health crisis...?

After secretly going for a MRI scan last week, Ric Griffin is reeling from the shock news that he has a brain tumour. But with his beloved granddaughter Darla preparing for her newborn baby girl to go into foster care, Ric's determined to withhold the truth from her about his diagnosis until the time is right.

Holby Ric Darla Baby

Ric wants to do the right thing by Darla and his new great-granddaughter...

Darla seems certain about her decision to give up her baby. But there's a spanner in the works when the child's father, Peter, visits Darla. Ric's furious with Peter for making Darla go through her pregnancy alone – until Peter reveals he's been absent because his dad wanted to keep them apart. So Ric’s even more annoyed when Peter’s father, Michael, shows up, too!

Ric discovers Michael had encouraged teens Darla and Peter to have the child taken into care to safeguard his own reputation in the community. As Michael and Ric argue, Darla speaks up: she’s keeping her baby!

Holby city peter darla

Ric sees red when Peter and his dad Michael turn up...

Ric backs Darla’s decision and Peter vows to support her. But the argument soon gets heated between Michael and Ric, who ends up falling and hitting his head. Given he has a tumour, could this knock be fatal? And will the incident force Ric to tell Darla about his condition?

Meanwhile, Essie’s thrown when Isla's father Conor turns up at Holby demanding to see his baby and to know where Frankie is. When Conor discovers Essie's hoodwinked everyone into thinking she's adopted Isla, he refuses to go quietly. Desperate, Essie gives Conor money to stay away. Will that be the end of it?

Also, Kian gets a blast from the past when Bea, an old girlfriend from his uni days, is admitted to Holby with a heart condition. Kian performs the urgent surgery Bea needs – but does he want to be more than just her doctor?

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.

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