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Holby City spoilers: Essie gets some SHOCK news!

Holby City Kaye Wragg plays Essie
(Image credit: BBC)

As Fletch's condition improves in Holby City, fellow cancer sufferer Essie di Lucca receives some shattering news about her own illness…

Already undergoing invasive treatment in her fight against cancer in Holby City, Essie di Lucca was left stunned recently when her good friend, director of nursing, Adrian ‘Fletch’ Fletcher revealed that he too was battling the disease.

Holby Fletch Essie

Fletch and Essie agreed to support each other through their cancer fight...

As Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw) had an operation to remove his prostate, Essie has been a shoulder to lean on for his teenage daughter, Evie. It seems Fletch is well on the road to recovery, however, this week he develops a dangerous post-op bleed and needs emergency surgery.

Evie confides is Essie that she's worried about her and her three siblings losing their dad, after their mum died in 2015 from a bleed on the brain. Luckily, Fletch’s surgery is a success. Essie, meanwhile, has a consultation with her oncologist. But as she emerges from the meeting, her reaction suggests it’s not good news…

Holby Essie (Kaye Wragg) news

Essie worries about the future when she gets some shock news from her oncologist...

Unfortunately, Essie has greater concerns when baby Isla comes down with chicken pox. Knowing that chemotherapy patient Essie shouldn’t be around such a contagious bug, Sacha offers to look after the tot.

When Essie hears Fletch joking about parenting milestones like walking Evie down the aisle and seeing her graduating from uni, getting a job and buying a house, it’s clear Essie fears she won't be around for Isla… and she breaks down!

Later, Essie confides in Sacha about her results. Do they need to prepare for the worst?

Holby City Sacha comforts Essie

Sacha (Bob Barrett) is there to comfort a heartbroken Essie...

Elsewhere at Holby, when Cameron’s performance review doesn’t go to plan with Ange, he takes drastic action in a bid to prove he’s top dog.

Meanwhile, Nicky clashes with Jac over Brenda’s treatment, and the fall-out from the Kestrel debacle continues as Guy puts pressure on Max – will she be forced to step down as CEO of Holby?