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Holby City spoilers: Family SHOCKS aplenty for Max!

Max McGerry main image Week 13
(Image credit: BBC)

Acting CEO Max McGerry gets an almighty surprise when she finally arranges a long-awaited reunion with her estranged daughter Lily…

For almost five years, acting CEO Max McGerry’s daughter Lily was missing presumed dead. However, having recently got back in touch via text, they’re now finally due to reunite.

Holby Max McGerry daughter, Lily

Max (Jo Martin) is anxious about meeting the daughter who's been missing all these years...

Max is so full of excitement she can barely focus on a complex neuro case and, as the meeting time gets closer, the usually confident consultant becomes increasingly nervous.

When Lily texts to request meeting in a park rather than a restaurant, recovering alcoholic Max thinks it’s because Lily fears she’s back on the booze.

Later, Max waits patiently in the park but the person who approaches is not the Lily she remembers. So who is it?

Meanwhile, Fletch is doing his best to tackle Holby’s on-going nursing crisis and brings David up from the ED to work on Darwin. Jac’s none too pleased, however, with the new recruit and demands ‘specialist’ nurses for her heart ward. But when David successfully diagnoses a patient with ‘broken heart syndrome’ will he have earned his stripes?

Also, Essie is still not speaking to Dom, who tries to extend an olive branch to his friend. At first, she rejects him, but the pair soon bonds again over hospital gossip. Later, Dom joins Essie as she goes for a scan to see if her cancer has returned. What will the results reveal?

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.