Holby City spoilers: Can Hanssen get JUSTICE done?

Henrik Hanssen Holby City Week 17
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As evil Reyhan returns to Holby City with complications from surgery, will Hanssen’s abuser be held to account?

It took every bit of courage Henrik Hanssen recently to publicly admit that Sahira Shah’s father Reyhan sexually abused him as a child. This week, Hanssen's shocked to see Reyhan back at Holby with complications from his liver transplant surgery.

Hanssen is determined to make Reyhan will pay for his crimes - but cunning Reyhan tells him exactly how he sees events playing out in court…

Holby City Reyhan Shah

Hanssen's torment continues as Reyhan (Raad Rawi) returns to Holby...

Reyhan manipulates Hanssen into calling Sahira, who arrives with Reyhan’s grandson, Abs, in tow. Up to now, Sahira has refused to believe Hanssen’s allegations about her father. But Sahira’s horrified when new evidence comes to light, which confirms Hanssen IS telling the truth. Will Hanssen finally see justice done?

Meanwhile, Dominic arrives at the hospital in considerable pain. Mum Ange is concerned and sets about finding out what’s wrong - but Dom insists it's Sacha who takes a look at him. It's soon revealed that this is a 'fake emergency' just to get Dom into Holby, so that Sacha can perform his stoma reversal.

Holby City Dominic Copeland

Will Ange help Dom (David Ames) when he needs her the most?

Ange, however, soon smells a big, dirty rat. Last week, when Dom asked if she’d assist in the operation, she outright refused, deeming the surgery ‘dangerous’ and ‘unethical’. And here she insists she still wants no part in the risky procedure.

However, when Dom assures her the surgery WILL be going ahead, with or without her help, she reluctantly agrees to assist. It looks like they might just have pulled it off… but will they manage to avoid getting caught by new boss Fletch?

Also, there's a very familiar face joining Holby this week as former Coronation Street actress Debra Stephenson pops up as new director of funding, Jeni Sinclair. She arrives at just the rught time to help new CEO Fletch to make sense of the hospital's finances.

Holby City Jeni Sinclair

Debra Stephenson joins as Holby City's new director of funding. Has Fletch found an ally?

Jeni warns Fletch he’ll need to cut his spending on things like new equipment… and nurses' overtime! Fletch is not looking forward to breaking that news to Donna - but at least it seems he’s found an unlikely new ally in Jeni.

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 7.50pm on BBC1.

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