Holby City spoilers: Could LOVE be in the air for Fletch?

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After quitting as Holby CEO, Adrian 'Fletch' Fletcher is focused on personal matters as he makes plans for a date and daughter Evie goes for a new job...

After stepping down as Holby CEO, Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw) is dealing with matters of the heart. There's a major incident at the hospital - a school bus has been involved in a crash - so it's all hands on deck on AAU and even director of funding Jeni Sinclair (Debra Stephenson) is rolling her sleeves up to help out on the busy shift.

It's no secret Fletch finds Jeni attractive and the pair arrange to go for a drink after work. It's also revealed that Jeni has a teenage niece she's close to - and Fletch knows a thing or two about teenagers, as dad to 16-year-old Evie.

Holby City Jeni Sinclair Debra Stephenson

Date night: Fletch learns he and Jeni have thing in common. Could romance blossom?

Evie is at Holby too this week to attend an interview for a job at hospital coffee shop Pulses and things don't get off to the best start when fugitive Andrei accidentally throws a drink over her. To make up for his clumsiness, Andrei gives Evie his hoodie to wear and agrees to help her prepare for her interview. Could love be in the air for Fletch AND his daughter?

Evie Fletcher Holby W20

Something brewing?: Evie meets Andrei before her job interview at coffee shop Pulses...

Meanwhile, Kian faces the ultimate dilemma as he’s forced to choose between saving a young patient’s life and looking out for Andrei, who’s been asked to do another ‘job’ by the people who are after him. Kian saves the patient, then hotfoots it out of the hospital in the dark of night to find Andrei. Is Kian heading for danger?

Also, as Hanssen operates on a young boy who was also targeted by his abuser Reyhan, he’s racked with guilt that he didn’t speak up sooner, and is forced to leave Josh to finish the surgery as he struggles to conceal his own self-harm wounds.

Holby City Hanssen W20

Can Josh help Hanssen move on from the past?

Josh, however, knows something is deeply troubling Hanssen and wants to help ease Hanssen’s physical and mental wounds. Will Hanssen be brave enough to open up?

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 7.50pm on BBC1.

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