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Holby City spoilers: Does Sacha Levy end it all in Holby?

Holby City's Bob Barrett on Sacha's turmoil: 'In his mind he's going to jump!'
(Image credit: BBC)

When a patient dies, a desperate Sacha take drastic action…

Holby City shines the spotlight on the complex issue of mental illness as consultant Sacha Levy (Bob Barrett) battles his demons this week.

Since being diagnosed with depression last year, Sacha has suffered great turmoil in his life. His close friend Jac Naylor almost died from a post-op infection and his ex Essie Harrison was diagnosed with cancer. So when a patient, Connor Barrat, dies this week, Sacha is driven to the edge.

As he goes up onto the hospital roof, friend and colleague Ric Griffin goes after him. Sasha confides in Ric and recalls (in flashback scenes) how, he believes, he has failed in his relationships and career. But Ric is less than supportive and the pair argue.

Later, after visiting Connor in the mortuary, he is overwhelmed and breaks down in the staff locker room! Then, after paying separate visits to Dom, Jac and Essie, a desperate Sacha takes drastic action…

Will anyone come to help him? Find out in next week's Holby City at 8pm on BBC1.