Holby City spoilers: Serena bids farewell to the hospital...

Holby City Serena Campbell [Catherine Russell] leaving
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With a heavy heart, much-loved surgeon Serena Campbell decides it's time to say goodbye to the place she's called home for seven years…

AAU is under inspection and, with CEO Max McGerry looking to make cuts to management staff, clinical lead Serena Campbell wants to ensure the ward passes with flying colours.

Serena’s distracted, though, when nephew Jason (Jules Robertson) is sacked from his job as a hospital porter, since a private firm took over.

When his colleagues start protesting, Max (Jo Martin) orders Serena to sort them out. Serena, however, decides to join them – and ends up getting arrested and thrown in the cells for the night!

Serena Campbell [Catherine Russell] Max McGerry [Jo Martin]

Serena (Catherine Russell) knows that CEO Max (Jo Martin) is keen to put her out to pasture...

Serena’s threatened with the sack but Max says she can keep her job if the inspectors give AAU a glowing reference. Serena, however, knows Max only wants to attract private investors, and refuses to stand by as her beloved hospital gets destroyed…

Meanwhile, Nicky’s efforts to focus on her career are thwarted when her mum, Tracey, turns up on Darwin after being involved in a road accident and Nicky’s shocked when she reveals she’s in debt and couldn’t afford to renew her car insurance.

The driver, Steve, is a patient on the ward and Nicky is ruffled when he makes it clear he knows about her mum’s situation - and wants £2,000 in exchange for his silence. Nicky assures him she won’t give into blackmail but, after taking a major turn for the worse, he then demands £1,000 on top! Can Nicky find a way out of her predicament?

Also, Essie has been enjoying nights on the town with new love Ben. But when he kindly suggests they have a night in so that she doesn’t need to find a babysitter for Isla, Essie worries about him meeting the tot and uncovering her secret about Isla’s adoption. Wanting to keep the two sides of her life separate, Essie decides to break up with Ben.

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.

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