Holby City Spoilers: Who's Fletch's mystery woman?

Holby City Spoilers: Adrian 'Fletch' Fletcher has a mystery woman - who is she?
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After a trying day, who does Holby’s director of nursing spend the night with?

Adrian 'Fletch' Fletcher has the day from hell in this week's Holby City – and it ends in a way even he wouldn't have predicted. The staff on AAU are rushed off their feet due to a shortage of nurses. To solve the problem, director of nursing Fletch is due to have a meeting with the woman in charge of agency staff – it's Sydney Somers!

Sydney (Gemma Oaten) and Fletch had a fall-out last year when Sidney learned her late father, Artem Chernik, had left Fletch some money following his death. This time, they fall out again when Sydney flatly rejects Fletch's request that her agency staff work 30 minutes unpaid overtime.

When Sydney refuses to budge, Fletch tells Sydney he won’t be taking on any more of her nurses until they can do things the Holby way! But when CEO Abigail Tate (Olivia Poulet) gets wind of this, she's furious! Then, when Abigail sees Fletch losing his cool with a visitor on the ward she questions whether he’s the right person to be director of nursing…

Later, Fletch and Sydney reach a compromise over the staffing situation and Fletch invites her for a drink at Albie’s later that night. But will Abigail be pleased with how Fletch has handled things?

The next morning, Fletch is woken by his alarm to find a woman asleep beside him. But who is it?

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