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Holby City spoilers: Is Dom in danger?

holby dom needle injury
(Image credit: BBC)

The medic is injured while operating on a Hep C patient…

Just as it looks like doctor Dominic Copeland is finally moving forward with new love Lofty, following his traumatic relationship with abusive medic Isaac Mayfield a year ago, this week his past comes back to haunt him.

As Dom (David Ames) treats book publisher Susan Beckett (Hollyoaks' Susie Amy) for blocked arteries, she explains how she's publishing a book written by a domestic abuser and Dom's stunned when he discovers the tormentor in question is Isaac!

The medic then learns Susan contracted Hepatitis C from a blood transfusion she had following a motorbike crash in Thailand and, his day goes from bad to worse when, while operating on Susan in theatre, he accidentally injures himself on a needle. Is Dom at risk of contracting Hep C?

As he torments himself with online stories about how Isaac's now 'reformed' while he still feels stuck in a rut, Dom spirals into a state of self-loathing, shutting everyone out, including Lofty. Can he finally let go of the past?

Meanwhile, when an old flame shows up wounded on Frieda's doorstep, she's forced to choose between helping him, or saving a desperate patient. What risks will Frieda take?

Also, Sacha can't help but feel inadequate when Hanssen returns to Keller to work under him. Can Sacha stop second-guessing himself long enough to be the leader Hanssen needs him to be?