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Home and Away spoilers: Marilyn Chambers is heartbroken when soldier Jett Palmer goes off to war

Home and Away, Jett Palmer, Marilyn Chambers

Marilyn fears the worst when soldier son Jett reveals he is being shipped out to the war in Afghanistan

Just when Marilyn Chambers is looking forward to having soldier son Jett Palmer around again, she's left reeling by the shock news he is being shipped out to Afghanistan with his troops and must leave the next day...

Marilyn fears for Jett's safety as she has heard about all the terrible things that happen there. She thinks Jett is too young to go to war and refuses to accept he is really going.

But when Marilyn's hubby John Palmer tries to help her see how hard Jett has trained for a big opportunity like this and it is what he has chosen to do with his life, will Marilyn finally come around and offer Jett love and support as he heads off on his military mission?

Home and Away, Jett Palmer

(Picture: Channel 5)

Home and Away, Jett Palmer, Marilyn Chambers

Marilyn bids a tearful farewell to Jett (Picture: Channel 5)

Elsewhere, Dean Thompson is becoming dependent on the sleeping pills which are helping him through the nightmare flashbacks to the day his policeman buddy Colby Thorne shot dead his hated stepdad Ross Nixon.

But Dean is far from OK. Still haunted by nightmares, he swigs more pills with beer, hoping he'll be able to sleep. But half-crazed, what will Dean do to avoid more frightening visions?

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