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Horizon: How to Build a Time Machine - BBC2

Tuesday 10th July Horizon - How to Build a Time Machine
(Image credit: BBC/Thomas Scheidl)

Experts including Professors Ron Mallet and Tamara Davies discuss the science of time travel, and what would be needed to construct a time machine

Imagine being able to travel back and forth in time – like the Doctor in her TARDIS, only for real, not in a television studio with fancy computer graphics.

It’s a pretty mind-blowing concept but time travel isn’t actually impossible, according to the laws of nature.

This Horizon documentary meets the scientists at the cutting edge of their field, including Professor Ronald Mallett, pictured above, who are continually making progress towards learning how it might be possible to travel through time.

Horizon: How to Build a Time Machine

Nikolai Kardashev with a model of the RadioAstron space telescope

It’s all about building wormholes, fully functioning time crystals and manipulating entangled photons (of course) which will let an engineer of the future make sci-fi a reality.

TV Times rating: ***