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Howard goes on a riotous stag do!

(Image credit: BBC)

Howard unchains Ed from railings after his stag night and when he checks his phone he has received naked pictures of himself from his friend Tommy. Meanwhile, Stella, the bride to be, is looking for her fiancé. Ed realises Tommy is trying to win Stella. Back at Tommy's flat, Howard breaks up a fight between the two men and Ed explains to Howard that Tommy is trying to break up his relationship.

Unexpectedly, Tracey, Ayesha's aunty who she hasn't seen for 10 years arrives back from Florida, or so she thinks. Ayesha fills her in on handing her mum into social services and how Sierra is now living with her. She gets angry at Tracey for leaving them but Tracey promises to stick around.

Al and Karen discuss his smoking habits, with Niamh listening in. When Al turns up an appointment with Daniel, he uses it as a therapy session. Daniel suggests his symptoms are due to a broken heart and he should remain active to take his mind off things.