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Inside the Factory – BBC2

Inside the Factory
(Image credit: BBC)

Nothing is half-baked as Gregg Wallace and Cherry Healey visit more fascinating factories in BBC2’s Inside the Factory, starting this week with a certain cake maker

Gregg Wallace’s willpower is put to the test as the new series of BBC2’s Inside the Factory starts in a cherry Bakewell factory.

Using one of his favourite flavours – frangipane – Gregg gets stuck in to the production process with regular sidekick Cherry Healey, helping make some of the 250,000 tarts the Stoke-on-Trent factory produces each day.

Meanwhile, historian Ruth Goodman explores the origins of the tart and the history of frangipane.

Cherry Healey and Gregg Wallace in Inside the Factory

Cherry Healey and Gregg Wallace find out how cherry Bakewells are made in BBC2’s Inside the Factory

‘I’m amazed this series ever got made!

'I wish I’d been there when someone said, “Let’s get a middle-aged bald bloke to find out how jam’s made,”’ laughs Gregg, 54, as he tells TV Times about the new series, which also looks into how waxed jackets, mattresses and croissants are produced.

‘We ate [cherry Bakewells] as kids, and I still remember the Mr Kipling adverts!’ says Gregg, whose sweet tooth got the better of him.

‘I picked one up off the line, which is a cardinal sin!’

TV Times rating: ***