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Is it all over for Tina and Sonia?

Tina has slept with Soph, but they later agree that it was a one-off and they're going to try to make things work with the people they really love. When Tina confesses to Mick that she slept with someone else, he's disappointed with her. Thinking it's over between her and Sonia, Tina goes home to collect her things. Only to find a panicky Sonia who reveals she's found a lump her breast...

Ian is touched when he's presented with a surprise award at the ceremony. Guilt soon gets the better of him and he confesses that he's sold Beale's to a big supermarket chain. Worried about the future of the market, the residents gather at Masood's to discuss a battle plan. Alarmed when they agree to boycott Ian's businesses, Kathy tries to talk them round, but the residents stand their ground. When Buster walks Kathy home, he encourages her to think of a way to help Ian, giving her an idea.

Soph finds Kyle, telling him that she's still in love with Sarah. When Kyle reminds Soph that Sarah has gone for good, Soph is forced to leave. Meanwhile, Stacey's suspicious when she sees Andy going into No 5 late at night. In the house, Andy gets out a sleeping bag.

Also, Les convinces Pam to give Ben a chance for Paul's sake.